• Market reference price$28.80
  • 36 egg incubator 1.Durable ABS material 2.The flip top-cover design 3.Drawer type water tank , easy to add water and clean

  • Brand Name: HHD
    Model Number: YZ-36
    Egg Capacity: 12 goose eggs, 25 duck eggs ,36 chicken eggs,56 pigon eggs,80 quail eggs
    Function: automatic temperature control with LED egg tester
    Usage: Bird, Chicken, Duck, quail ,reptile eggs
    Condition: New
    Place of Origin: Jiangxi, China (Mainland)
    Size: 53*17*48.5cm
    Gross weight: 4.3kg
    Power: <80W
    Voltage: 110V / 220V
    1.New design with durable ABS material
    2. Small size in package, light in weight, low delivery cost.
    3.automatic temperature control and egg turning
    4.LED egg tester inside the incubator
    5.Multifunctional egg tray
    6.One key to turn on/off
    7.The flip top-cover design
    8.The built-in humidity sensor ,in case water attach
    9.Touch screen buttons,much automatically
    10.Drawer type water tank , easy to add water and clean
    11.Ring silicone heater with dual fan to make the temperature uniform
    12.The egg turning timer can be adjustable from 0.5h to 9h
    Unit machine in natural box package with foam inside
    unit package, 53*17*48.5cm
    1.Payment method: T/T, Paypal,Trade Assurance
    2.One year warranty for incubator and parts
    3.Delivery cost check if you don't have delivery agent in China
    4.Delivery Time: 3-5 days after payment

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